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This Is Not How It Ends From USA Today Bestselling Author Rochelle B Weinstein Comes A Moving Novel Of Hearts Lost And Found, And Of One Woman Torn Between Two Love Stories When Charlotte And Philip Meet, The Pair Form A Deep And Instant Connection Soon They Re Settled In The Florida Keys With Plans To Marry But Just As They Should Be Getting Closer, Charlotte Feels Philip Slipping AwaySecond Guessing Their Love Is Something Charlotte Never Imagined, But With Philip S Excessive Absences, She Finds Herself Yearning For When She Meets Ben, She Ignores The Pull, But The Supportive Single Dad Is There For Her In Ways She Never Knew She Desired Soon Charlotte Finds Herself Torn Between The Love She Thought She Wanted And The One She Knows She NeedsAs A Hurricane Passes Through Islamorada, Stunning Revelations Challenge Charlotte S Loyalties And Upend Her Life Forced To Reexamine The Choices She S Made, And Has Yet To Make, Charlotte Embarks On An Emotional Journey Of Friendship, Love, And Sacrifice Knowing That Forgiveness Is A Gift, And The Best Laid Plans Can Change In A Heartbeat This Is Not How It Ends Is A Tender, Moving Story Of Heartbreak And Healing That Asks The Question Which Takes Courage Holding On Or Letting Go So many damn tears Sad tears, happy tears, heart broken and heart overflowing tears This is Not How it Ends is a tremendously moving story of love, loss, sacrifice, honor, family, friendship, healing, acceptance, first and second chances, doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and the wrong thing for the right reasons There is so much packed into these pages I feel so much right now I mostly feel wrung out, yet hopeful and happy For those with triggers, there is illness and loss inside If you can weather through that, I promise you will come through with tears in your eyes but hope in your heart, just like I did. A beautiful and emotional story of friendship, love, loss and forgiveness.SUMMARYCharlotte and Phillip are accidental seatmates on a flight from Miami to Kansas City By the end of the flight sparks are flying Together they moved to the Florida Keys with plans to marry But just as they should be planning their wedding Charlotte feels as if Phillip is slipping away Philip s constant traveling and excessive absences has her wondering if this is really what she wants in a relationship When Charlotte meets Ben, Phillip s, best friend a close friendship naturally develops She tries to ignore the pull between the two of them but a hurricane drives them together and challenges both of their their loyalties REVIEWTHIS IS NOT HOW IT ENDS is a beautiful and emotional story of friendship, love, loss and forgiveness It s women fiction with great and highly relatable characters You ll fall in love with them allCharlotte, Phillip, Ben, Billy and even Sunny The storylines are creatively intertwined Author ROCHELLE WEINSTEIN s writing is brilliantly plotted and full of emotional storms It s a gem of a novel you don t want to miss The very beginning of the story grabs you with this lyrical statement from Charlotte I ve heard it said that life is about choices Paths stretch out ahead of us sometimes we make conscious decisions and other times, fate intervenes and choose for us I loved this statement when I read it in the first chapter And then I fell in love with it again at the end of the book It s is the epitome of the book Thanks to Netgalley for an advance reading copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Publisher Lake UnionPublished January 1, 2020Review www.bluestockingreviews.com If there is one thing I ve learned from reading Rochelle Weinstein s novels, it is that she has a uniquely talented way of creating characters that readers are able to relate to and when she places them in heartbreaking situations, the reader is able to go down that emotional journey with the character, a feat that is certainly not accomplished often.In her prior novel, Weinstein tackled a tough side of parenting and in This is Not How it Ends, she returns with an exploration into relationship perils While Charley and Phil should be enjoying their engagement and the happiest time of their lives, Phil s constant absence due to work trouble has Charley leaning on a new friend, a widowed father Now, you might be thinking a love triangle, an emotional affair been there, done that I m telling you now no you have not And you certainly have not read this story the way Weinstein writes it Pick this one up on January 1st and find out just what makes this one the magic it is.Thank you to Lake Union for an advanced copy All opinions are my own. A woman torn between the love she feels now and the love that was always there for her before In an emotional novel of forgiveness and being true to ourselves, Rochelle B Weinstein explores the intricacy of love and how we move forward as relationships evolve A beautiful novel that will pull you in.I found this to be a very emotional book to read And while it may not be like this for everyone, this one definitely made me cry a few times It s a credit to Rochelle Weinstein s writing that she drew characters and a story that hit me in a very raw way The characters themselves feel very authentic and I found them to be relateable I didn t really find any character to be good or bad, which was important to understanding the challenges that come with this type of situation.The book shows Charlotte and Phillip from the moment they meet on a flight through their relocation to the Florida Keys, their engagement, and beyond I really enjoyed the way this was written The story wove back and forth in time so we got to see their instant connection and then where they are now that they have moved and things aren t as simple as they were when they first met Back then, it was all spark and discovering one another.The way Charlotte experienced Phillip seeming to pull away from the relationship was also very real I thought that the evolution of the circumstances that allowed Charlotte to begin to feel drawn to Ben, while still holding onto her love for Phillip was so subtle that I became completely immersed in the events unfolding I understood how emotions can deepen without someone meaning for them to I understood how a break down in communication over an extended time can deeply impact a relationship I also understood how all three of these people did things that were not okay None of them is the hero or the villain These are just people who make mistakes and who feel things that they may not have intended to That s what I mean when I say that I found it raw and authentic This was a deeply touching story and one that it was hard to not get pulled into and feel as though it were happening to you instead of to the characters in a book.A beautiful story of friendship, forgiveness, imperfection, and ultimately discovering what you value I loved the theme of not just learning to let go, but even before that how you decide whether to hold on or to let go.Thank you to Suzy Approved Book Tours for my copy Opinions are my own. Can a chance encounter change your life For Charlotte Myers, the unexpected will challenge her assumptions about the meaning of love and family, and question her ability to forgive the sins of the past Elegant and timely, This Is Not How It Ends weaves a poignant tapestry of three lives threaded together by devotion and secret passion and will leave readers guessing until the satisfying conclusion. Powerful All consuming Emotionally charged One thing I know is this, when reading a book by Rochelle, keep tissues near by Always emotional but this novel was something Phillip and Charlotte Charley met on a flight while she was watching Endless Love Charley never really believed in love that is until she debates the merits of love with Phillip that day Back then she couldn t get him out of her head Then a chance meeting while dining with her mom brings them together again Their feelings for each other can not be denied Soon they move in and relocate to the Florida Keys Phillip proposes and all Charley can think about is marrying him The book goes back and forth from past when the two first meet as well as the present where they are living in the Florida keys along with Philip s best friend Ben, and Ben s son Jimmy The three are inseparable when Phillips home and Charley and Ben are together when he is traveling Nothing could break the bond these three people share, until the unthinkable happened Fast paced and extremely well written, I suggest any reader who likes romantic drama pick this book up. Charlotte Myers meets Philip, an older British man, on an airplane and there is an immediate connection Their relationship moves quickly and they are soon living together in the Florida Keys, with a dog and a future wedding to plan As Charlotte looks forward to their future together, she realizes that Philip seems to be pulling away He begins acting strangely, from shaving his head to lying about what city he is traveling to While Charlotte does not doubt their love, she quickly finds herself drawn to Ben, one of Philip s closest friends and a widower with a son As Philip practically pushes Charlotte and Ben together during his frequent absences, they begin to fall for each other A hurricane passes through and causes much devastation, but it is a figurative hurricane that will change the course of Charlotte s life This is Not How it Ends by Rochelle B Weinstein is not the type of book that I typically read However, when I read the description I was intrigued and decided to give it a shot I m so glad I did I really enjoyed this novel It was touching and heartbreaking and I couldn t put it down Charlotte s love story was beautifully written and I can see why many readers cried while reading it I am not a crier or an emotional person but this story touched me Weinstein s characters were complex and relatably flawed I quickly became invested in what happened to each of the characters and I felt both their pain and their happiness While it took me a little time to get into the story, I think that was only because this book is not my usual genre.Overall, an enjoyable and moving story Thank you to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for this ARC in exchange for an honest review. This Is Not How It Ends is not a book I would normally read, but I decided to get out of my comfort zone and WOW, this was just way too emotional for me in a good way.Rochelle B Weinstein wrote a beautiful, emotionally charged, and highly addictive story I fell in love with all the characters and I found them very relatable I felt with them and their stories made me re think many things in my own personal life The story was written in beautiful prose and I found myself re reading few of the passages to fully grasp the depth of the words I have just read Even though the plot was predictable, I could not stop reading this novel I read this book in 24 hours, and I criedoh how I cried I am looking forward to reading books from this author, however now I will be emotionally prepared for each one of them before I dive into reading or at least I will try to prepare myself for the emotional roller coaster.Thank you NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing, and the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Emotionally driven, love story love triangle with a compelling and realistic storyline and well drawn characters, together with a steamy Florida setting Gorgeous Brit Philip falls for Charlotte It s a fairy tale relationship except the prince is always traveling They get engaged and despite their love for each other, she begins to think about a future with someone who is always gone Then Charlotte meets Ben and saves his son s life after an allergic reaction They have a strong connection which leaves Charlotte feeling guilty And so begins an epic roller coaster of a story This book just tossed me all around and left me in a puddle I was completely drained after finishing it Which is probably why the publisher sent a branded pack of tissues Favorite parts The day the three of them went on the boat The letter at the end Her dog Sunny I was pleased with the ending and shed so many tears, but it felt a little hurried, after the first three quarters of slow buildup Certain details felt contrived and a bit predictable but overall it was an entertaining and tremendously moving story, with a writing style similar to Colleen Hoover Themes of grief, abandonment, romance, love, infidelity, shame, remorse all make this a solid read I will definitely read by this author.

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