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When We Were Vikings Zelda s mother drank too much when she was expecting her Zelda is developmentally disabled The world views her as limited her own brother feels he must always protect her, especially from a deviant uncle In the long run, Zelda, who embraces the Viking code and philosophy, fares far better than her other tribe members She sees herself as a hero living out her own legend At the age of twenty one she has decided to have sex with her emotionally immature boyfriend She fears monsters she calls grendels, named for the monster Beowulf fought and killed Gert, her brother, continually makes bad choices and eventually Zelda becomes involved with his business associates filled with grendels Slowly through much pain for her and the people she loves, the members of her tribe, she evolves, realizing what a true Viking hero is Andrew David MacDonald has written a sad novel about the broken people we see in our society, at the same time affording us the opportunity to cheer them on as the story progresses This is realism at its best. Thank you to Gallery Scout Press and NetGalley for providing an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review The book will be published on Jan 28th, 2019.Writing 4 5 Plot 4.5 5 Character 5 521 year old Zelda is obsessed with Vikings Drawing inspiration from Viking lore, she is writing and living her own legend, tackling life with courage and loyalty to her tribe She was also born on the fetal alcohol syndrome spectrum FASD and is aware of needing to take things slowly, follow rules, and study things thoroughly than others Her brother Gert with his shaved head, tattoos, and a thug like exterior has been taking care of her since he extracted both of them from the abusive Uncle who took them in when their mother died A remarkable cast of characters populates this unique coming of age story as Gert gets into some questionable means of support in a neighborhood rife with violence and trouble and Zelda tries to help It has one of the most beautiful, heartfelt, and meaningful endings I ve ever read It wasn t the traditionally happy ending I was expecting, but one in which people had to learn some hard truths about themselves and the people they loved I particularly appreciated the way nobody was presented as all bad or all good but merely people trying to do their best, not always succeeding, and coming to terms with how to make the best of what they had.Zelda s voice is quite engaging While many reviewers call it humorous , I actually found it to be innocent and completely lacking in artifice which I found quite refreshing From Zelda directly, galvanized by her Viking research Dagaz means to become awake or to transform That is what I want to do in my legend I want to go from a normal Viking to a hero Highly recommended. A Heart Swelling Debut For Fans Of The Silver Linings Playbook And The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night TimeSometimes Life Isn T As Simple As Heroes And Villains For Zelda, A Twenty One Year Old Viking Enthusiast Who Lives With Her Older Brother, Gert, Life Is Best Lived With Some Basic Rules A Smile Means Thank You For Doing Something Small That I Liked Fist Bumps And Dabs Respect Strange People Are Not Appreciated In Her Home Tomatoes Must Go In The Middle Of The Sandwich And Not Get The Bread Wet Sometimes The Most Important Things Don T Fit On ListsBut When Zelda Finds Out That Gert Has Resorted To Some Questionable And Dangerous Methods To Make Enough Money To Keep Them Afloat, Zelda Decides To Launch Her Own Quest Her Mission To Be Legendary It Isn T Long Before Zelda Finds Herself In A Battle That Tests The Reach Of Her Heroism, Her Love For Her Brother, And The Depth Of Her Viking Strength When We Were Vikings Is An Uplifting Debut About An Unlikely Heroine Whose Journey Will Leave You Wanting To Embark On A Quest Of Your Own, Because After AllWe Are All Legends Of Our Own Making The story is not only heart breaking, but also uplifting not only gut wrenching, but also encouraging there is fear, there is humor there are heroes, there are villains lists, books, sex, hatred, love, fury, death, life in short, When We Were Vikings does it all in one sharply and lovely world created by my new super duper character in fiction, Zelda As the Sacramento Kings good old play by play announcer Grant Napear says, If you don t like that, you don t like reading books At all.Said that, the novel is not only about Zelda and her quest to be a legend The supporting cast and their own stories are also strong They are not there to only populate Zelda s world, a task they do convincingly and lovingly, but to create their own stories or legends as Zelda puts it That brings you a story with highly developed characters who act out on their own ambitions and face the consequences when things start to happen and things will start to happen including but not limited to Zelda, her brother Gert, her good friend and Gert s partner AK47 There are than one endings in the book And when you finish reading it, each and every one of them will leave you with a different taste and smell and touch All of them will grant you a different aspect of Zelda s unique world Then you ll decide to create your own legend in that world. When We Were Vikings, by Andrew David MacDonald is one of the most engrossing books I ve read in a long time and I read a lot of good books When I requested the book, I was expecting something a bit innocent, like the main character, Zelda, from whose point of view the story is told But for all of Zelda s innocence, she is living in a very dangerous world, one that she is ready to embark upon as an adult as a Viking Zelda is an intellectually impaired woman who is obsessed with Vikings When she finds out that a woman can also be a Viking warrior, she decides it s time to be her own legend.There is such a tenderness and loyal bond within Zelda s tribe Her family isn t traditional She is being raised by her older brother, Gert, and his on again, off again girlfriend, AK47 But in many ways, it is like the best of families where love and sacrifice are offered up freely for the good of the others in the tribe When We Were Vikings was a joy to read The author was able to capture the voice of this young woman in a way that was real and honorable In fact, the dialogue of all of the various characters is what really made this story ring true Zelda is the filter through whom the story comes to us She is telling us what is happening in her world, as she sees it Even though her naivet might make her account unreliable, her absolute honesty and the openness with which she tells the story lets us in on every detail, enabling us to know things that she is missing because of her intellectual impairment.One of the things I loved about When We Were Vikings, was the way the author portrayed the characters who were intellectually impaired They weren t stereotyped or one dimensional They had hopes and dreams, fears and feelings, like everyone else I will be looking for from this author in the future.I don t typically read books with a lot of coarse language or sexual content, but in this case, it was merited Zelda is trying to figure out who she is and often speaks in the way the people in her community do There are also parts of the book that could definitely use a trigger warning for people who have been abused in any way.I highly recommend When We Were Vikings, and give it 5 stars Not all of the monsters are outsiders Sometimes, the grendels can be part of our own tribes.Andrew David McDonald writes When We Were Vikings with the same charm as other books featuring a protagonist who is different This story, though, is much darker.Zelda loves vikings She knows the sagas, the language and the importance of the hero s journey Her tribe includes an older brother dubbed by others as an angry thug, his former girlfriend who is Zelda s best friend and her friends at the community center Zelda and her friends all are different, but in their own ways.Although Zelda s brother, Gert, loves her, his temper and poor choices Plus a desire to protect her from harm put the tribe into jeopardy Although Zelda is afraid, she must be the hero in her own story.There s plenty of foul language and sex in the book, but it also has a lot of heart Heroes Monsters The book is filled with them. I received a Digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This book completely sucked me in MacDonald did an amazing job of writing this book through the eyes of Zelda, a young woman on the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum, as she learns about life, love, family, right and wrong, good and bad, and, of course, vikings Zelda lives her life according to a strict set of rules, where things are either good or bad and people are either heroes Vikings or villains Grendels But throughout the course of the story, Zelda learns that real life isn t always so black and white He told me that you re supposed to read the book and feel sorry for Grendel, even though he does bad things He can t help it It s in his nature I did not like that version of the story, because it made the Viking hero a villain and the monstrous villain a hero Sometimes good people do bad things, Dr Laird said And sometimes things aren t as simple as good and evil The Grendels are evil, I said Well, Dr Laird said, maybe the Grendels you re talking about are pure evil But regular monsters are complicated. I received this book when attending San Diego Comic Con A vendor was asking if anyone wanted a free book who can turn down a free book, especially one with Vikings in the title.The concept sounded cute Zelda has a list of rules to live by and honor the viking way It takes place in modern times.From the brief snippet on the back I didnt realize the main character, Zelda, was on the fetal alcohol spectrum Given that the book is written in first person it gave it an interesting perspective.I loved Zelda and her desire to become legendary This book felt so real and there were happy moments that had me laughing her brother Gert hired a stripper to be a Viking at her birthday don t worry he keeps his clothes on , there were sad moments when as a reader you understand what is happening when the narrator doesn t because of her condition, and heart wrenching moments.This book is scheduled for release January 2020 and I highly recommend it It is a fresh take on families, destinies, defying expectations and becoming your own hero and creating a legend to be told.Vikings would be proud of Zelda. You wouldn t know it by reading the legends of our own making blurbs, but this is not an upbeat, uplifting story At best it s a intellectually and socioeconomically disadvantaged heroine can kind of cope in the world with a lot of help from savior characters after going through a bunch of really awful stuff I m a bit surprised everyone is so overwhelmingly effusive Is it the novelty of the FAS narrator Or the tidy ish ending after what is, mostly, a depressing story As fond as I am of the f word myself, the language began to grate on me, and quickly Innocent but disastrous first time sex is fine, but attempted rape not so much In any case I started reading what I thought would be an analog to the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time although I read that a million years ago, I loved it then and ended up alarmed that survivors of abuse and rape will be triggered by this heart swelling story Seriously, marketing people Seriously Thanks to Scout Press for the ARC at BEA 2019 This was an interesting, enjoyable, and honestly, empowering book MacDonald gives us the story of Zelda, a young adult on the Fetal Alcohol Spectrum, who loves Vikings, honor, legends, and wants to have sex with her boyfriend Marxy, who is bit less independent as her Zelda grapples with her desires to be like the legends of old, while dealing with problems at home that show how classic stories of good and evil are complex in real life Her brother Gett, their friend AK47, and her doctor Dr Laird are all interesting and well thoughtout characters and give this book life and relevance Warning this book does discuss issues like sexual abuse, rape, and includes some slurs used against Zelda and some of her friends Overall, a great book that tells an important and different perspective Highly recommend for all ages, as we should all learn to be as brave and bold as Zelda

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